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Our Story

What to do after you retire?  Some people smile, sit back and enjoy the freedom, others travel and enjoy the world while, like many who jumped into a second passion after retirement,  our family (the Sweets) bought a campground and now enjoy the outdoors, people and physical work.

David retired from politics in September 2021, where he served as a Member of Parliament for 16 years.  Almut was a financial controller for almost as many years, retiring in January 2020.  What to do next was our big question:  it had to be something we enjoyed, would allow us to travel and keep active.  With years of RVing as a family, it was not a big leap to consider being campground owners.  We acquired the campground in the fall of 2021 and over the winter and through the Spring worked on learning the operational side, while working on some of the improvements we felt were necessary.

Our son, Christopher, daughter-in-law, Annie and family joined us in the move from Ontario, looking for their next big adventure and some wide open spaces to raise their boys.  As a writer, Chris looked forward to working hard in the campground during summer, and writing during the off season.  Making good use of snow bound days and an inspiring environment his first novel, The Boy in the Canvas, was published in March 2022.  Annie who retired from her long time position at John Deere spends time with their boys and hones her creative talents as our photographer and facebook expert.

For all of us the lifestyle adjustment from urban living in Hamilton was a welcome one: from white pristine snow in the winter to the hot summer days by the sparkling Tabusintac River - adjusting was not difficult at all.  

Our Team


David served as a Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale (2006 - 2015) and Flamborough-Glanbrook (2015 - 2019).  Throughout his tenure he held  positions as chair and vice chair of various committees,  served as chair of the National Conservative Caucus, and Shadow Minister for International Human Rights and Religious Freedom.   Prior to politics, David had early career successes in real estate sales, then manager of over 100 agents, before stepping out on his own to provide consulting, speaking, and strategic development to high profile clients. His entrepreneurial skills, success in strategic development and leadership gifts then landed him to serve as CEO of a national charity.


Almut spent early years raising five children, then returned to a career in financial management as Director of Finance and Administration of a large charity,  then served fifteen years as the  financial controller and governance officer at Cardus, a think tank dedicated to strengthening the ways in which society’s institutions can work together for the common good.


Christopher studied Broadcast Journalism and screen writing,  recently publishing his first book. Finding joy in acting and writing, Chris also spent over twenty years providing excellence in customer service finding himself in leadership and management roles in each of his work places.


Annie's creative gifting belies her work experience of twelve years with John Deere.  With an education in marketing and graphic design, Annie created our logo and is instrumental in working with our social media and any design elements we may need ... even while raising two high energy boys!  A natural thespian, Annie met Chris on stage where they took lead roles in numerous stage productions.

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